7 must-haves for summer sun protection

This summer I embarked on a very challenging goal for myself...NOT GETTING SUNBURNED! You heard that right. It's 2019 baby and I am DONE with damaging my skin so my future self can be like wow thank you so much Paige of the past, you were great and you haven't aged A DAY. Okay yikes now I'm picturing the 46-year-old version of myself and I'm scared but also maybe all of this skin protection will make me still be cute in 20 years?!

must haves for sun protection

Maybe it's because I'm turning 27 in August, or because skincare seems to be front-of-mind for all of the beauty vloggers I watch, but I became way more aware of my sun protection about 6 months ago. Personally most of my skin tans before it burns, but my cheeks, nose, and tops of my shoulders always seemed to turn bright pink before I even have a chance to think about them! I decided enough was ENOUGH. I needed to be proactive and wear sun protection DAILY, not just sometimes. And you know what? It's late July as I'm writing this and I've avoided sunburns all summer. SUCCESS! Let's keep the streak going together!

Today I'm sharing my 7 must-haves for sun protection with you. And the cherry on top? We're not just talking skin here. We're protecting our lips, eyes, and hair too! must have products for sun protection

1. Coola's "Classic Sunscreen SPF 50 White Tea Moisturizer"

We have to start with this magic in a bottle because this is the product that made my journey into skincare SO much easier. Funny enough this moisturizer was included in a PR package I received from KIND Bars last summer. I had never used Coola products and to be honest it sat on my shelf for a while before I tried it. Man oh man...I'm going to email them now and thank them for introducing me to this baby because it changed my life. Sounds dramatic but as someone who was typically burned on a weekly basis in the summer (yes, WEEKLY) this has been such an improvement for me.

This is the most lightweight SPF product I've ever used. I fell in love with the formula, scent, and texture of it right away. I even find myself using it as a nighttime moisturizer, which probably isn't recommended LOL. But the slip-like texture glides onto my skin and doesn't feel heavy, so it gets addicting. For daily use I will either: wear it on it's own, under a setting powder, or under a foundation-setting powder combo, and then I'm set for the day!

2. Skin Ceuticals Physical Fusion UV Defense SPF 50 Sunscreen

It feels important to talk about this face sunscreen next, because I use it interchangeably with my Coola sunscreen. If I'm not feeling like my skin needs as much moisturizer that day, I will grab this sunscreen!

I had tried Skin Ceuticals sunscreen when I was a lot younger when my aunt would visit Arizona in the springtime. When we laid by the pool she would have my mom and I try their sunscreen, and we loved how it wouldn't cause breakouts on our skin, and also seemed to have a long wear time. For years we would talk about how great it was, but never picked up a bottle for ourselves. Silly us! 

I think they've continued to create new formulas over the years, so when we *finally* decided to pick some up, we chose the Physical Fusion that also "enhances natural skintone." I would say it reminds me of a Bb cream because it's slightly tinted, but it comes out very fluid, like a liquid. I actually love this because it helps it feel very lightweight on the skin, just like Coola! And since it's tinted I have a ton of days where I will wear this, skip foundation, and call it a day. I will note that this sunscreen is a touch tacky on the skin, so I will brush on a light coat of a NYX pressed powder or setting powder, and then I'm good to go!

3. The biggest hat you can find!

Okay let's be honest, wearing a hat is not revolutionary in any way. I love hats, but I guess I'm wise enough now to wear one that is huge...even if it looks a little dorky! I love dad hats or wide-brimmed hats that are more fashionable, but if I am gardening or laying in my hammock to read, I will wear this giant straw sun hat now!

Randomly I found this one at ACE Hardware, but I found a similar one available here for ya. I expected to wear this on lake trips only, but wear it so often. And of course, since I'm me, I had to decorate it in some way, so I hot-glued my "Sweet Saguaro" cactus patch onto the front for a little desert flair. 

4. Sunnies

While we're at it, let's chat about another likely obvious must-have. Sunnies! I'm including this because if you're like me, you often forget your sunnies at home. I have really had to work on this. As silly as that sounds I was just not someone who always wore their eye protection. 

My solution is to have a lot of pairs on hand that I like. I try to tuck them in places now where I can't forget them. I either stash them in a tray by our front entry so I can grab a pair on my way out the door, keep them tucked into my purse, or leave a pair in the car. It's a habit I've been working on, and luckily my tricks have been working!

5. Softlips SPF 20 Watermelon Lip Balm

The way I discovered this lip balm is so random. You know all the little travel-sized goodies near the checkout at Target? They always sell this lip balm there in a 2-pack. One day when I was checking out I think my lips were dry and I was desperate to try something, so I grabbed a pack. Holy moly, am I glad I did!

I would buy this even if it didn't have SPF, because the scent and texture are that good. It's so nourishing, and the thinner stick makes it easier to apply than most lip balms. Of course the sun protection is an added bonus! When I do all-day events, like Phoenix Flea, lip balm is essential. Lately all of my events have been so sunny, and I've learned that the skin on our lips is thinner than that on our face, so the added sun protection gives me peace of mind.

7 must-haves for sun protection summer skincare

6. Neutrogena UltraSheer Body Mist SPF 100 Sunscreen

You're probably reading this and are thinking "Paige, this sunscreen isn't revolutionary..." and you're right, it's not! Neutrogena sunscreen is one I have loved and trusted for years because my skin is never irritated by it and they also make great facial sunscreens, in my opinion. 

BUT! This new spray cap that they call "FullReach Design" IS revolutionary, if you ask me! I'm often applying sunscreen by myself, and this new cap makes solo application super easy. Once I tried it I was like oh my god...I'm never applying sunscreen on my body without this cap again! This gets most of the credit for me not having burns on my shoulders this year, and I'm also able to get all the other hard-to-reach spots like my neck and back. It even sprays upside down, so every inch of skin is covered!

7. Bumble & bumble Hairdresser's Invisible Oil

Let's go out with a bang! I've been using this to protect my hair since 2010 or 2011! I discovered it in college, and while the bottle may be small, I've only needed to repurchase it once since a little goes a long way. Pretty great for a decade of hair care! Besides this little guy, I also only use this Bumble & bumble shampoo and conditioner, and their scalp detox on my hair. Other brands have been too harsh for my sensitive skin! 

Okay, back to the oil. While I mainly like this for defrizzing and protecting it against my heat tools, I'm including it in today's must-haves because it also protects hair against UV damage! So cool, right? I know my hair gets just as much sun as my skin, and I love knowing that it's protected.

Wow...who knew I had so much to say about sun protection?! I'm so glad this has peaked my interest, and my hope is that this list peaks your interest as well! I know my skin is thanking me already, and I'm working to use all of these products daily to make this not just a summer trend, but a lifetime habit! 

If you have a sun protection favorite that you think I should try, please comment below! I am always happy to mix something new into my routine. 

Thank you for reading! 


August 05, 2019 — Paige Poppe

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